EVBio is leading a global initiative to shape the future of vascular medicine

A group of visionary biologists, surgeons and engineers are advocating paradigm shift in vascular medicine driven by miRNA therapeutics and next-generation diagnostics and medical devices


Four decades of research are not promising hope for over 18 million people who die from vascular disease every year. EVBio envisions a future where research promises hope. A future where all vascular conditions are unified under one coherent theory that describes and explains the genesis and progression of vascular pathologies and a hope for a radical treatment to save lives and economies.


EVBio is a digital think tank formed by scientists from all disciplines related to vascular medicine, from molecular biology to scientific computing. Our mission is to imagineer the future through disruptive basic and translational research. Our team works tirelessly to formulate one universal coherent theory for vascular disease and support all global efforts towards its conception and validation.