Gore’s lower profile delivery Viabahn endoprosthesis gets EMEA launch

Gore’s Viabahn endoprosthesis with Propaten bioactive surface

Gore has announced the EMEA launch of the lower profile, large diameter Viabahn endoprosthesis with Propaten bioactive surface.

The device enhancements build on a market-leading stent graft device, which has become an important tool for treating complex vascular disease, Gore said in a press release. According to the company, the device design reduces the delivery profile for larger 9–13 mm diameter stent grafts by up to 3Fr, enabling delivery through smaller sheaths. Smaller introducer sheaths have resulted in a lower risk of vascular access complications in select patient populations.

New radiopaque markers, now also on the larger diameter device configurations, enhance visualisation under fluoroscopy, facilitating positioning and device delivery, as well as precise and predictable placement, the company added.

“In addition to the radiopaque markers that facilitate positioning and deployment, the new lower profile enables use of a smaller sheath, potentially reducing the risk of damage at the access site,” said Manuel Alonso, Vascular Surgeon, Oviedo, Spain. “Combined with the trackability and flexibility this new lower profile offering will become very instrumental for treating complex patients across disease states in my practice.”

“The story of the Gore Viabahn endoprosthesis is a story of physician collaboration across four patient-centric indications and of proving performance over and over,” said Benjamin Beckstead, Gore Vascular category leader.

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