SURPASS Observational Registry Results

The SURPASS registry (; identifier NCT03286400) was an observational, prospective, single-arm, post-market, international study that enrolled patients undergoing thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR).

A team of researchers from from University of Münster and Charité University Medicine Berlin has published one-year results of the SURPASS registry last year. They evaluated the performance of the Conformable TAG (CTAG) stent-graft with the Active Control System (ACS) on 127 patients.

Technical success of the TEVAR was 97.6% owing to unintentional partial coverage of supra-aortic branches in 3 cases (the vessels were patent on imaging). The stent-graft was repositioned at its intermediate diameter in 79 patients (62.2%), and the angulation feature was applied in 64 cases (50.4%), mainly to improve proximal wall apposition and orthogonality in the aorta. The desired effect was achieved in 60 cases (93.8%). There was no device compression, bird-beak configuration, fracture, or graft occlusion.

In the SURPASS registry, the use of the CTAG device with ACS showed promising outcomes despite the challenging pathologies. The new delivery system enables a controlled staged delivery with in situ adjustments during positioning, facilitating the treatment of complex aortic disease.

Read the full-text paper here.