The Circle of Willis Digital Twin Project

Enabling personalized medicine for neurovascular and neurodegenerative disease


The global market size of neurovascular intervention and neurodegenerative therapeutics is growing steadily to hit north of $2.89B and $20.15B through 2025, respectively. The rise of RNA therapeutics in post-COVID medtech reality is promising to add at least 10% in market growth opportunity to projected market size.


Animal models and in vitro experiments consume 3-5 years to get new therapeutics ready for human trials. This constitutes 40-50% of the total time frame required to bring new drugs from the lab to the market.


In silico trials is an emerging concept that accelerates lab-to-market drug development, at least by 2x, when properly integrated with animal models and in vitro experiments.


The brain receives 15-20% of the total blood supply from the heart. In vivo observations show that the blood flow waveform in the CoW comprises higher frequency harmonics than the aortic arch. Scientists believe that the CoW functions as a pressure compensation network to allow blood transport at minimal pressure loss. This has been linked to the forebrain sensing of water loss, Parkinsonism, and Alzheimer’s.

The pressure compensatory function of the Circle of Willis remains largely uncharacterized and is expected to unlock new potentials for targeting progressive neurodegenerative disease through personalized medicine.


The purpose of the Circle of Willis Digital Twin Project (CoW2) is to create a comprehensive digital workflow and toolsets to enable hemodynamic digital twins for the Circle of Willis. The objective is to offer the global R&D community the first open, reproducible, and scalable in silico framework for translational research aiming to cure neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.


EVBio team is calling R&D organizations, academic research groups, and regulatory stakeholders for strategic partnerships to contribute, sponsor, and adopt the CoW2 project. Send a statement of interest through this form and we will take it from there.

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